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Employers                                                            Benefits of working with Horizons HRS 

We learn your CULTURE! This is at the top of our to-do list!

It is very important to place Associates with the correct personality fit.


We develop a relationship with our Associates…

ü        We may deliver checks personally so we can talk face to face with the associate (with client approval).  

ü        We communicate with them after their first day to find out how it went and we will relay that info to you.  

ü        We call them at the end of their first week for an up date and continue to contact them every week to see how things are going.  

ü        We are their advocate to help them transition in to a new work environment.  

All these things help us to reduce turnover and make our associate feel appreciated and know that we care about them.

Our Account Managers 

We will always visit your facility to observe the job before placing an associate. We want to see exactly how the job is preformed. Our goal is to relay in great detail the actual job description.



Communication is the key to a successful business relationship.  

We highly recommend a very direct approach… 

ü        What are we doing right?? 

ü        Have you observed areas that you feel we could improve upon? 

For an outstanding business relationship to develop communication is a must for Horizon’s to meet all your expectations and concerns.

Safety Program & Orientation 

Safety is our Utmost concern! Our goal is to be injury free and maintain low workers compensation rates! 

ü        We will learn your safety training programs and mirror exactly.  

ü        If a safety program is not in place at your facility we will actually assist your company with developing a safety program. 

ü        Orientation with all associates is also offered.  

ü        Walk associate through your facility and point out time clock, rest rooms, lunch room, break times and many other things they will need to know to work at your facility.

Drug Screening 

After the interview of an applicant has been completed and the account manager has made the decision that the applicant is employable we immediately drug screen. 

ü        5 Panel Drug Screening (Our policy) no charge to client 

ü        10 Panel Drug Screening is available upon request but Horizons HRS must mirror your policy. And there is a $5.00 charge. 

Background Checks 

Background checks are only offered upon a client request and Horizons HRS must mirror your current background policy.  

Long Term Assignment 

Keeping the Associate on a “Long Term Assignment” Horizons HRS provides the following to the Associates!

The following are at no charge to you

                        -Direct Deposit or Debit Card Account

                        -Health Benefits….Eligible Day one of assignments

                        -6 Days of Holiday Pay….after 6 months of activity

                        -Vacation Pay….1 week paid vacation after “1 Calendar Year” 


Horizons will provide counseling and a 3rd party investigations for conflicts if needed.

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